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Mark Comfort  
Mark Comfort
Sabine ISD Athletic Mission Statement
Our mission at Sabine ISD is to provide appropriate, challenging opportunities in a safe and positive environment, so that all students can develop academically, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially to their fullest potential.
Sabine ISD Coaches Athletic Mission Statement
WE will never compromise our integrity for short-term success. We will always do things the right way and be an example of what is good about sports and competition. Above all, our coaches and student athletes will be coaches and athletes of character and integrity.
We will create an atmosphere and environment that will guide our players to become successful people. Their involvement in our program will be a positive influence in all aspects of their life.
We will provide an opportunity for each athlete to become better students through academic support and stressing of academic excellence. This is a pivotal part of our philosophy of having a championship mentality in everything we do.
We will help each player reach their full athletic potential. Everyone in our program will work tirelessly to ensure that our players will have the opportunity to be their very best. Our work ethic will be a testament to our goal of winning championships.
We will build relationships with and among our players to ensure that upon graduation the will always be a welcomed and esteemed part of our Cardinal family.