• team sports
    Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade P.E. Expectations:
    *Students are taught to walk in the gym quietly and sit down in a spot in the gym (2nd grade students learn to go to an exercise number in the gym)
    *Students learn to keep their hands and feet to themselves
    *Students learn to be kind to others
    *Students learn to stop, look, & listen on signal
    *Students learn to listen and follow directions
    *Students are expected to wear appropriate shoes & clothing to P.E. class
    sports skills
    3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade P.E.  Expectations:
    *Students are expected to wear shoes appropriate for fast running (Please no flip-flops, high heels, boots, or sandals)
    *Students are expected to learn how to compete in team games/sports.
    *All students are taught to use good sportsmanship during games and activities
    *Students will learn how to hand off a relay baton
    *Students will learn how to do an underhand volleyball serve
    *Students will learn the correct shooting form when shooting a basketball
    *Students will learn how to dribble and catch a basketball correctly
    *Students will learn how to pace themselves in a long-distance run
    *Students will learn how to correctly jump over a hurdle
    *Students will learn how to long jump