• 2014-2015



    1st Grade Supply List






                                            **1 change of clothes & undergarments (labeled)             2 BLACK dry erase markers



                                            **4 boxes crayons (24 count)                                                  24 #2 pencils (yellow-nothing decorative)



                                            **1 bottle Elmer's glue (no gel)                                               1 pkg. 8 count markers (for music class)



                                            **12 LARGE glue sticks                                                            1 large box tissue



                                            **2 LARGE erasers and pencil top erasers                          1 container of baby wipes (girls only)



                                            **1 pair Fiskars scissors (sharp point)                                1 pkg. 12X18 manilla paper (boys only)



                                            **4 spiral notebooks (1 subject)                                             1 pkg. 9x12 manilla paper (girls only)



                                            **2 pkg. 8 count markers (large size) WASHABLE            1 box quart ziplock bags



                                            **1 plastic container with lid (shoe box size)                        1 box gallon ziplock bags



                                            **3 PLASTIC folders (pockets & brads)                               1 container Lysol wipes (boys only)                                                               






    **Label starred items only!**



    A tote bag will be provided - pickup on August 8th in front of auditorium if you would like to get it
    early to decorate before school starts or you may pick it up at meet the teacher!



    Backpacks OR drawstring bags are NOT allowed in First Grade!