Classroom Rules

    Be Polite

    Be Prepared

    Be on Time

    Be a Positive Part of the Class



             Suggested Materials

          to bring to class every day

    Writing Utensil (pencil)

    Paper (college or wide)

    3-ring notebook with dividers labeled as follows:

    (notes, homework, quizzes, tests)

    Red pen

    Thin markers or map pencils (for graphing)

    Calculator (OPTIONAL)-- TI-83 plus, TI-84 plus.   

    No TI-89's allowed in Algebra 2


                                 Grading Policy

    Homework:  Homework is assigned daily and due at the beginning of class the next class day unless otherwise noted. Showing work on HW is important.  When steps are required to solve a problem, they must be shown to receive full credit.  Late homework will not be accepted unless it is due to an absence. Homework is randomly graded on completion, accuracy or not at all. 




    Quizzes:  Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced.  If you are absent for a quiz, it is your responsibility to make up the quiz before or after

    school before the deadline given.  A grade of zero will be recorded for a missing quiz.














    How to contact me:

    Email:  wstevens@sabineisd.org

    Conference Periods: 5th    












    Tests:  There will be 2 or 3 tests per six weeks.  The test will be multiple choice and/or free response and will be from 30-45 minutes.




    Projects:  A project grade will count as a test grade or a weighted quiz grade.


                   Six Weeks Percentages

      Tests                                                 50%  

       Daily work and Homework                  50%



                       NEED HELP????


    There will be someone in the math department available for tutorials each morning and afternoon with the exception of Friday afternoon.  Please come in if you have questions!  Tutorials may be mandated if necessary.





    It is important that you spend the time you need to be successful.  Find other students in your class and study with them.  These groups can be very beneficial.


    Let’s have a great year, GO CARDINALS!