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The Finance Department of Sabine Independent School District is responsible for Accounts Payable Payroll Purchasing & Vendors Risk Management Insurance Budget Process and Procedures.

District Travel
Because of changes to the state rules regarding travel reimbursements, Sabine ISD no longer uses the Comptroller's Texas Mileage Guide to calculate reimbursable mileage for employee travel. Employees traveling to conferences or other work-related meetings should use the website to calculate mileage from the school address to the hotel address (if overnight) or the conference facility address (if not overnight) and returning to the school address. The printout of the Google driving instructions must be attached to the travel request form. State rules require the employee to use the shortest route unless there is a reasonable justification to change the route (safety issues, primarily). Employees required by their job duties to make short, repetitive trips, such as banking and mail deliveries, may print the Google driving directions from their office address to the destination address and use those mileage totals on a daily mileage log. The original Google directions documenting the routine mileage must be kept on file in the business office. All other employees making short, intermittent trips, such as homebound visits to students, must record odometer readings at their departure and arrival OR attach a Google printout of address to address driving directions to the daily log. The District is not able to reimburse mileage to employees who do not submit the required documentation. The District's current reimbursement rate is 55 cents per mile.  

District Purchasing
All District Purchasing is governed by the budgets approved by the Board of Trustees. The Budget year begins July 1 and ends June 30. Purchase requests should be made through your campus offices or department directors who have access to the District's on-line requisition system. Vendors should be those on the approved Region VII Purchasing Cooperative list unless special permission has been granted prior to the purchase.