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Prospective Vendors

Purchasing Information for Prospective Vendors 

Sabine ISD operates as a political subdivision of the State of Texas. In order to satisfy all legal requirements regarding competitive procurement, other than advertised competitive bid requests, the District participates in the Region VII Education Service Center Purchasing Cooperative as well as several statewide programs, including BuyBoard, TCPN, TIPS, PACE, and U.S. Communities. If you would like to be added to the District’s vendor list, please consider bidding through one or more of the cooperative groups. Not only will this expedite the purchasing process, it will allow your business instant access to hundreds of additional governmental and educational entities.

The Region VII Purchasing Cooperative is currently being used by over 150 public, private and charter districts, colleges and universities.  Please visit the Region VII Purchasing Cooperative online or call (903)988-6859 for assistance with registration and bidding opportunities.

For purchases being made by Sabine ISD from State or federal grants, we are now required to adhere to the procedures and guidelines found in our Federal Grant Policies & Procedures Manual

Requests for Bids, Proposals, or Qualifications 

When cooperative bidding is not the best option for a specific purchase or service, the District may solicit bids, proposals, or qualifications, as applicable. All opportunities of this type are published in the Kilgore News Herald and on the Sabine ISD website home page.

Sole Source Vendors

If you feel your business/organization is a ‘sole source’ vendor, meaning that your products or services cannot be obtained from any other source, please complete a Sabine ISD Notarized Sole Source Declaration Form and forward it to You may also mail it to the Sabine ISD Business Office at 5424 FM 1252 W, Gladewater, TX 75647, or fax it to (903)984-6108.

Payment Terms & Sales Tax

As a governmental entity whose board meets on a monthly basis, KISD has 45 days to pay for goods or services from the date goods are received, the completion date of services, or the receipt of an invoice for goods or services- whichever is later.  (Texas Gov. Code 2251.021)  Invoices are processed for payment on a weekly basis.

Sabine ISD is exempt from sales tax under Chapter 20, Title 122A, Revised Civil Statutes of Texas.  E-mail to request a Sabine ISD tax-exempt certificate.

Conflict of Interest

Vendors are required by state law (Local Government Code Chapter 176) to disclose annually whether certain relationships exist with district officers or employees by completing Form CIQ: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire.  It is each vendor's responsibility to provide this information to the District.  Forms which note a conflict will be listed on the Sabine ISD website. 

For more information on this requirement, please visit the Texas Ethics Commission website.

Form 1295 - Certificate of Interested Parties 

When applicable, Sabine ISD will require an awarded vendor to complete Form 1295 which is a requirement of the State of Texas for specific contractual agreements. For more information about HB 1295 and filing requirements, visit the 1295 Information Page of the Texas Ethics Commission website.

Other Required Information  

All Sabine ISD vendors must complete a W-9 form to be entered into the Sabine ISD accounting system so that we can pay you.  

If you have any questions regarding the Sabine ISD purchasing process, please contact Kevin Yandell, Director of Business Operations, at (903)984-8564, ext. 202, or by e-mail at .