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    ¡Bienvenidos a mi página de web!
     Romy Wilson
    Spanish 1,3,4,5
      ¡Hola!  I am Romy Wilson, and I  now teach Spanish 1 and 3,4,5 at Sabine High School.  I began teaching in 1993 at Harmony High School and joined the faculty at Sabine in 2007. 
       I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English and Business.  I then attended UT Tyler for my certification in English, ESL, and Spanish.
       I had not considered being a teacher until after I had already graduated from UT.  I am so thankful that, through a tangled chain of coincidences, I ended up in front of a classroom full of teenagers!  Even though I never would have planned it myself, "Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys." Emma Bull
       I love teaching language and am so happy to spend my day surrounded by creative, funny, sarcastic, wild teenagers!
    ¿Loca?  ¡Sí!