•                                          ISS Rules


    1. ISS begins each morning at 7:55 sharp. If you are tardy to ISS the appropriate actions will be taken for each time you are tardy.

    2. NO TALKING!!!!! If you have a question or need assistance, raise your hand and remain silent until you are acknowledged.

    3. NO SLEEPING!!!!! If caught sleeping a warning will be given. If you are caught again an extra day of ISS will be given.

    4. You may bring your lunch or eat from cafeteria. Parents cannot bring you fast food.

    5. Cell phones and all electronic devices will be turned off and taken up when you enter ISS. They will be returned to you at the end of each day.

    6. You are responsible for your completed assignments.

    7. All personal items will be checked in to the ISS teacher upon arrival.

    8. Sabine ISD dress code will apply to all students. Hoodies, clothing with hoods, coats, jackets, and sweaters with hoods may not be worn during your stay in ISS.

    9. You are responsible to bring school supplies, notebook paper, pens pencils, etc…. If you do not bring supplies you will receive an extra day.

    10.    You must make up any absences.

    11.    Parents are not allowed to pick you up from the ISS building early. They must go to your campus office and call for you to be delivered to the office.

    12.    You must bring your textbooks/workbooks with you.