• Hello Liberty City!!, 

    I am Chaston Pruitt and I estatic to finally be a Sabine Cardinal!! I am currenty in my 8th year of teaching and my 10th year of coaching. I gradauated from Mexia High School in 2007 and Sam Houston State Univeristy in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in History. I furthered my education at East Texas Baptist University and I am currently attending Lamar University to become a principal. I am really excited to be here and to be teaching our seniors who are about to venture out into the world. I believe as educators we should prepare them for real life applications to this sometimes cruel world. Thank you for visiting my website. My school Schedule is as follows. 

    Thank you for the opprotunity to educate your children. GO CARDINALS!!!

    Chaston Pruitt


    1st Period- Govt/Economics

    2nd Periof- Govt/Economics

    3rd Period- Govt/Economics

    4thPeriod- CONFERENCE 

    5th Period- ATHLETICS

    6th Period- Activity Period 

    7th Period- Govt/Economics

    8th Period- Govt/Economics

    9th Period- Govt/Economics