Zoey & Xander Garza
  • Mrs. Lacee Garza

Juan & Lacee Garza
  • Hey y'all! 

    My name is Lacee Garza! My family and I are from a small town in south Texas, called Pleasanton. Once I graduated from high school, I attended Texas A&M University. Yes. I believe it is the greatest university on the face of this earth and I will argue that until the grave. GIG EM AGS! 👍🏼 

    After college, I found my soul mate and moved to the Longview area in March of 2018 and have been loving it ever since! Neither of us had a reason to move to east Texas, but we just decided to go on an adventure together. I started at Marshall High School as an agricultural science teacher in April of 2018 and had taught there ever since the summer of 2022.. I am very GRATEFUL to have become a Sabine Cardinal! My husband, Juan, has always been in the law enforcement field. He worked at private prisons and then began working at Marshall ISD when I did. He is now working through the Army in a similar field.

    With that being said, I drive from Caddo Lake to Liberty City every day- which I am blessed to do- but we are looking at moving closer to the Longview/Kilgore area. This will be something that hopefully happens sooner rather than later! 

    We have four children: Zoey, Xander, Kane & Thanos Garza. Zoey and Xander happen to be my bonus babies, who are literally the coolest kids on the planet! Kane is, well, our three-year-old toddler. Then we have my BABY- Thanos- who is simply perfect. We are very family oriented and co-parent very well for the situation we have to work with. In our spare time, we are usually napping, doing the yard, watching football, driving somewhere new, going somewhere with the kids, or cooking. Juan is the chef in our family and I am not upset about that! 

    My career path is a Sabine Cardinal educator and Sabine FFA Advisor! I will be teaching the "Plant Pathway" for the Agriculture Science Department, which includes- Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design and Greenhouse Operations- for now. I am so excited about beginning the new year with all of the amazing students that we will have. I truly believe this is where god wants me to be, because the transition happened so effortlessly. Things happen for a reason and I am SO happy they do! 

    If you ever have questions or want me to help you with something, please email me. I am a religious email user and I also tend to overcommunicate. Your student's grades will be 100% up to date in my class, as I take a grade of some kind every single day. 

    Thank you and I hope to have an amazing year with you all!