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Gradebook for Parents

Parent Portal

This page is designed to help you learn to access your student's grades using TXConnect Parent Portal.


1.  Obtain a Student Portal ID from your child’s campus office. These codes are case sensitive.

2.  Go to the following link:

or click the Parent Portal Link on our website

3.  Click on the link to create a new user.

4.  You will now have to fill in the required information.  During this process you will have the opportunity to associate you child with your account using the code that you received from your campus office.  If you have more than one child in school you will need to get a Portal ID for each child and you can add each one to your account.

5.  After entering the required data you will have successfully created your account.

Things to Remember about your Account  


1.  If you fail to login correctly after 3 tries you will be locked out for 20 minutes.

2.  Student grades are updated nightly therefore you will not see current changes made until the next day.

3.  If you forget your password click the "Forgot Password Link"

4.  Please pay close attention to the username and password creation requirements when you are creating your account. 5.  If you have any questions call 903 984 8564 ext.210 6. You will receive a TX Connect Alert when your student meets certain criteria.  Example:  average falls below 70.  The email generally says you have a TX Connect Alert.