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Elementary Student Drop Off/Pick Up Information

Drop Off Begins: 7:20 AM   Pick Up Begins: 3:10 PM
In an effort to eliminate as many traffic issues as possible, we are making some changes to our student drop off and pick up instructions at the Sabine Elementary School.
ALL students who will be dropped off or picked up by parents, will need to do so in the FRONT of the school.
Buses will drop off and pick up the students in the BACK of the school.
For our FIRST DAY ONLY:  If you are walking your child into the building, you may park in the front or the back of the school.  This is the only day that parents will be able to walk their child into the building.
Please expect large volumes of traffic.
We appreciate your patience as we try to make the beginning of school both convenient for our parents and safe for our students.
Click here for a detailed map.