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This November 3, 2020 General Election will be like no other election we have ever seen.

There will be a few major changes that will affect every voter.

First, there will be no more “Straight Party” voting – the option will NOT be on your ballot.  Voters will need to read each office and select their candidate for that office.  The candidate’s party affiliation will be listed next to the candidate’s name.

Plus, we will be practicing social distancing at the polling places, so we will not be able to allow a large crowd inside the polling place. 

For these 2 reasons, Governor Abbott has issued an order that added an extra week of Early Voting; and Gregg County has added 10 Early Voting locations to help alleviate the long lines on Election Day.

Please encourage everyone you know to vote early.  You will have 18 days and 10 locations to choose from – this means you have 180 chances to vote early!

Voters may also see City or School offices on this November 3rd ballot.  Those elections were postponed in May and moved forward to November.  If you live in a city or school who is conducting an election this year, that option will be on your ballot along with the Federal, State and County offices.

I have attached the Early Voting schedule for you to share with your friends and family and to post on your bulletin boards, newsletters, facebook page and webpage.

You may visit our election page at to see more information about “What’s on the Ballot”, “Early and Election Day Voting” and “Voting By Mail.  You may also view notices on our Facebook page at greggcountyvotes.

Let’s all be prepared for this election before we go to the polls!

Early Voting Information

Election Day Information